We are a diverse, young and very committed team from Northern Germany, who ourselves are passionate about collecting trading cards.

When we were at school, we were hunters and collectors of first-generation Pokémon cards ourselves, and we were available for (almost) any trade during breaks.

Two decades later, we’re still very interested in Pokémon trading cards. In the meantime, however, the area of sports cards – especially the NFL – has a high priority for us. How is your process? You can find our exact process, from the inquiry to the return, under the category „grading process“. what are your prices Prices for individual tickets start at €18 (depending on the grading speed) plus return shipping.
Our packages start at €85 for five tickets, including postage. You can find more details under the heading „Prices“. How should I send my cards to you? In order to avoid possible transport damage, please send your cards to us as well packed and protected as possible.Do you send my toploader / magnet holder back? yes We will send your toploader / magnet holder back to you. Does grading add value to my card? Yes, not only visually but also in terms of value. Do you have subgrades from every grade? No, only from grade 6 (EX-NM). Payment and PaymentMethods You only pay us when your cards have been evaluated and are ready for return. The following payment methods are available with us: • Bank transfer

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• Japanese
• Chinese
• Korean

• Panini
• Topps
• YuGiOh!
• Dragon Ball
• Leaf
• Upper Deck
• Magic
• Fortnite

Up to what card thickness do you grade? We grade to a thickness of 180pt. How much are the shipping costs? The shipping costs for one to nine cards are €5.49.
From ten cards, the shipping costs are included!
Your cards are insured up to €500 when they are returned.
If you want a higher insurance, this is of course possible for an extra charge! Do you also grade / authenticate autographs? Yes! From February 2023 we also just want autographs.